Folk feel sentimental about 84-year-old beduk

    The 84-year-old beduk holds a lot of nostalgia.

    BINTANGOR: The beduk (drum) in Masjid Darul Ibadah, Kampung Tanjung Bundung here, is no longer in use. 

    The beduk, made of meranti wood, is believed to be designed in 1937.

    In its early years, it was used by the village’s surau and later moved to Masjid Darul Ibadah before it was damaged and has not been used for the past nine years.

    Dollah Narudin

    Kampung Tanjung Bundung headman Dollah Narudin said they had no intention of discarding the instrument as it was a part of the community’s history.

    In fact, they plan to repair it and hope that a generous sponsor will help make this a reality.

    “I smile to myself when I remember the sound made by this instrument. Our childhood was different then. Back then, kerosene lamps were used for lighting,” Dollah reminisced.

    “There were no mobile phones and the beduk was our alarm for ‘sahur’ (meal consumed early in the morning by Muslims before fasting) and “sungkei’ (breaking of fast).”

    Before ‘sahur’ and ‘sungkei’, he and his family would gather together while waiting for the beduk to be hit.

    “We’d stare at the food and looking at each other’s faces. I was impatient and would ask when the beduk would be hit,” he chuckled.

    “As soon as the beduk was hit, we broke our fast and ate together.

    “After breaking fast, my friends and I would head to the surau to perform prayers. It’s just memories now.”

    Meanwhile, one of the villagers, Abdullah Rani, noted that development and technological advancements had changed the way people live.

    “In the past, my friends and I used to scramble to hit the beduk to signal that it was time for prayers.

    “We have also been scolded for hitting the beduk prematurely.

    “It’s very different now without us realising it. The practice (of hitting the beduk to signal prayer time) is disappearing as time passes.”

    This is one of interesting sentimentalities related to the present month of Ramadan.