Follow SOPs, reiterates Masing

Tan Sri Datuk Amar James Masing. Photo: Mohd Alif Noni

KUCHING: Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr James Jemut Masing has advised the public to strictly follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs) to control the spread of Covid-19.  

“Malaysia will soon be celebrating Hari Raya and Hari Gawai, which tend to attract large crowds where strict standard operating procedures (SOPs) are hard to enforce,” he said in a statement yesterday.

“If we do not follow the Ministry of Health’s stringent  SOPs, a miniature Covid-19 wave can occur, just like in India.”

Masing said  Covid-19 in India had caused a ‘tsunami’ wave that killed over 2,500 people per day.

He pointed out that it was a grim reminder of failure to follow science to fight Covid-19.

“It seemed the Indian government allowed religious ceremony which involved thousands of people to gather in the Indus River for bathing rituals.

“They ignored science, but believed in the power of providence to protect them from the deadly effects of Covid-19,” he said.