Food aid given out in Jemoreng

Dr Juanda Jaya

JEMORENG: A total of 2,506 household heads in the Jemoreng constituency received food aid in conjunction with the holy month of Ramadan on Friday.

This means the total number of households in Jemoreng receiving food aid was 4,400, after 1,894 of them received theirs on Thursday.

The food aid was presented by Jemoreng assemblyman Datuk Mursyid Diraja Dr Juanda Jaya.

 The last batch of recipients came from 15 villages and two longhouses in Jemoreng constituency.

Dr Juanda went on the ground to present the food aid as well as ‘duit raya’ to the frontliners handling Covid-19 situation.

He also visited Matu Police Station which became the community’s centre of attention for applying travel permits to outstations.