Food baskets delivered in Mukah

Payung (second right) hands over food basket to a recipient as others look on.

MUKAH: The National Welfare Foundation (YKN) on Thursday contributed 267 food baskets to the needy recipients in Mukah parliamentary constituency who are affected by the current movement control order (MCO).

The distribution was organised in collaboration with Mukah MP Datuk Hanifah Hajar Taib through Mukah Parliament Service Centre and Tellian assemblyman Yussibnosh Balo (Tellian Constituency Service Centre).

Mukah Parliament Service Centre executive officer Almahakim Morshidi hoped that the contributions would complement the daily necessities of the recipients.

The food baskets were channelled through ketua kaum in Tellian constituency and tuai rumah in Sebakong areas here.

The areas involved were Kampung Judan Hilir, Kampung Judan Hulu, Kampung Petanak, Kampung Kuala Lama, Kuala Lama Resettlement Scheme, Kampung Penakub Hilir, Kampung Datuk, Kampung Tellian Laut and Kampung Sungai Pegei.

For longhouses, the recipients were from Rumah (Rh) Lincan Jimmy, Rh Mawar Awang, Rh Tinggang Ajang, Rh Banyai Alik, Rh Butang Lang, Rh Salek Awal, Rh Andrea Beda, Rh Matttew Maoh, Rh Robin John, Rh Benit Ingit, Rh Ibat Lantai, Rh Radin Ganie, Rh Ajah Kandau and Rh Empi Daweh.

State Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Youth executive committee Royston Valentine, Malaysia Youth Member of Parliament Mohd Tarmizi Karnain Abdah and Mukah Parliament Service Centre officer Elizabeth Payung Jakong also attended the event.