Food delivery rider finds unexploded WWII bomb

The object resembled a WWII-era bomb.

MIRI: A shocking discovery was made at the Lutong beach here on Wednesday (Jan 20) when the tide was low.

An object resembling a World War II-era bomb stuck out like a sore thumb, sending shivers down Mohd Nasri Razali’s spine.

The food delivery rider made the find around 2.30pm, and a bomb disposal unit and several policemen from the Lutong police station and Miri IPD were dispatched to the location.

“I quickly alerted the police because I was worried that it might explode,” said the 28-year-old at the scene.

Prior to the discovery, Nasri had just finished delivering an order. He then decided to take a break.

The object is believed to have weighed around 3kg.

The bomb disposal unit later removed the bomb and brought it to the Lambir shooting range to be detonated.

The bomb disposal unit transporting the bomb to a vehicle.