Food, financial aid to ailing patient

Chukpai (right) talks to Jessica (second left) and her parents.

KUCHING: Murum assemblyman Kennedy Chukpai Ugon makes it a point to help anyone who is in need of assistance.

On Tuesday (July 6), he visited the family of an ailing child in Bintulu to hand over aid in the form of food supply and cash.

“Today, I had the opportunity to visit and send some food and financial aid to the family of Jessica, who has been ill for eight years, from Uma Penan Rumah Bisi Janea, Long Urun.

“The family could not live far away from the hospital because Jessica has to receive medical treatment every month,” he said in a Facebook post on Tuesday (July 6).

Five years ago, the family started receiving monthly assistance from the Welfare Department to alleviate their burden.

“At that time, Jessica and her family were staying at the Bintulu Hospital’s visitor home. Now, they have to rent outside because the visitor home is not meant for a long-term stay,” he said.

Chukpai added that he has always followed the development of the family and kept in touch with them from time to time.

“Today I feel relieved to see that Jessica’s health is improving. Let us all pray for Jessica’s health and that she may fully recover,” he said.