Form Six students welcome reopening of schools

KUCHING: Many Form six students here welcomed the Education Ministry’s decision to progressively reopen schools beginning yesterday (October 4).

According to Marlene Ram, a 19-year-old student, the reopening of schools is beneficial since it makes it easier for Upper 6 students to complete their assignments.

“Our exam is in a month’s time so physical classes are very much needed for better focus and since our syllabus has been extended too many times, I believe the decision is best so that we can worry less about completing Form 6 to enter university,” she said.

She said her mother, a teacher, was supportive of the news because she knew how concerned Marlene was about the constant extension of the curriculum.

“Seeing many of my friends entering university while I am still in school demotivates me but my parents have always tried to reassure me that despite the lack of teaching methods, I am capable of excelling,” she added.

Marrissa Natalie Marvin, 19, on the other hand, voiced her anxiety about switching from online classes, which she had been following for about five months, to face-to-face schooling. 

“Nonetheless, the reopening of schools is a brilliant idea for narrowing the education gap between students since both teachers and students can interact,” she said.

Despite her reservations over the Covid-19 scenario, Marrissa applauded the ministry’s implementation of stringent standard operating procedures (SOPS) in schools.

“At first, my parents were concerned because many Delta Variant cases had been reported all over the place but as time passed by, they were able to comprehend the situation from a better angle,” she added.

Meanwhile, Maizurah Hamzah, also 19, said it was good to return because there would be no more online learning.

“Since we are finally returning back to school for good, I hope everyone will adhere to the SOPs provided so that we can maintain a safe and conducive learning environment,” she added.