Formation of Longhouse Chiefs Association Hulu Mukah good initiative

Yussibnosh (third left) officiating the event as Mawar (fourth right) and others look on.

MUKAH: The Longhouse Chiefs Association Hulu Mukah will become a platform to empower members in administrating their respective areas.

Tellian assemblyman Yussibnosh Balo said it would definitely help them, especially in terms of dealing with customs and physical development planning in their areas.

He congratulated the association, which he described as a good initiative under Penghulu Mawar Awang’s administration of the area.

“I hope the association would function smoothly and benefit the people under the jurisdiction of the respective longhouse chiefs,” he said when officiating the association’s opening ceremony at Rumah Anderson Kalong Pandong, Jalan Bukit Engkerbai near here on Thursday (Sept 24). Penghulu Mawar also attended the event.

Yussibnosh hoped that the association would also  help to foster good relationship among longhouse chiefs in terms of socioeconomy and culture.

According to him, prior to this some of them might not recognise their fellow longhouse chiefs, while they performed their own jobs through their respective village development and security committees (JKKKs).

Yussibnosh also suggested that new longhouse chiefs learn from experienced ones and vice-versa for the benefit of the people.

The association is headed by tuai rumah (Tr) Anderson Kalong Pandong as chairman, while Tr Richard Kilat Madang is deputy chairman and Tr George Takin, secretary.

Tr Randi Ugil is the assistant secretary; Tr Senabong, treasurer, and Francis Ngang Balai, assistant treasurer.

The committee members are Tr Membuas Lau, Tr Mambang Mutang, Tr Berik Imang, Tr Sipok Empati, Tr Buda Chaong, Tr Jackson Uji George Jantai and Tr Ibat Lantai.