Former opposition party members join PBB

Dali (left) hands over the membership forms to Meyu.

SIBU: Former members of Parti Sarawak Bersatu (PSB) are among 160 people who recently applied to join Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Tamin Branch in Selangau.

The group of former PSB Selangau branch members was led by Tuai Rumah Dali Merawing.

Dali admitted that they had made a wrong decision to join their former party and was making amends by applying to join PBB.

“I am grateful to PBB Tamin Branch chief, Meyu Beruang for bringing us to join the party.

“All this time we have chosen the wrong party, PSB cannot help us to develop the community and our area.

“Therefore, I call on all our villagers who are still in PSB to join PBB because PBB is the political party that can help develop our people and Selangau in general,” he said during an empowerment programme organised by PBB Tamin branch at his longhouse in Selangau on Saturday.

Dali pointed out PSB had not made any effort to bring development to the village and helping the people there.

“The opposition party cannot help the people; this is based on our observation after a few terms joining the opposition party.

“Until now there is not a single effort from them that can help us in this area, I also ask all the community leaders who used to be PSB members to join PBB.

“I believe by joining PBB we can help bring development to our people and area,” he said while hoping that their effort will be acknowledged by the PBB leadership.

Meanwhile, Meyu said he was moved by the former PSB members’ willingness to join PBB.

“We are proud of Dali’s actions which have brought many PSB members from every corner of Selangau to join us. Now we have Tuai Rumah who used to be in PSB and today they are fighting together in PBB,” he said.

Meyu hoped that more members aged 18 to 28 years will be joining the party and for Undi18 to be implemented in the area.

He also said that the PBB Tamin Service Centre located in Sibu town will be operational soon.

Also present at the event was PBB Tamin Women chief Dami Dingon.

The group of former PSB members who are joining PBB.
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