Four arrested to assist in brawl case

The police seizing several items and tools at the premises as evidence for investigation.

SIBU: Two men and two women were detained by police to assist in the investigation involving a fight that took place in an entertainment centre at Lau King Howe Commercial Centre on Thursday night.

Sibu district police chief ACP Stanley Jonathan Ringgit in a statement, said the individuals were arrested when police raided the place at about 11.20pm after receiving complaints from the public.

According to him, the suspects were the owner and employees of the centre

“After examining the closed circuit television (CCTV) footage of the premises, the fight involved about 15 individuals.

“The footage also showed that there were objects such as chairs and glasses thrown during the fight apart from the struggles from the suspects involved.

“We also believe that this fight may involve some of its customers,” he said.

Stanley told through previous police monitoring, they found out that the said premises were often operating more than the limited time as well as failing to practise social distancing.

The team also confiscated the CCTV footage and some evidence at the premises for further investigation.

He added that the case would be investigated under Section 148 and Section 269 of the Penal Code, Section 5 (1) of the Entertainment Ordinance 2000 and Regulation 10 of Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (No. 7) 2020.

“The police are trying to track down the other suspects involved in the fight. We are still investigating the real motive of this fight,” he stated.

Meanwhile, all operators of entertainment premises, especially closed entertainment centres here, are urged to always comply with standard operating procedures (SOPs) and not to operate beyond the allowed time.

Stanley also advised customers visiting entertainment premises not to get involved in fights.

“Please report to the police and leave the premises if there is a fight,” he added.