Four caught for alleged drug abuse

Drugs seized from the four suspects.

SERIAN: Four local men were nabbed for alleged drug abuse in two different locations in Serian, on Monday (September 7).

In the first arrest, the two male suspects were held by a team of police and Serian district’s Narcotic Crime Investigation Department in a raid at a house in Kampung Tebakang, Melayu, around 9.05pm.

Serian district police chief DSP Aswandy Anis said that the police seized a bag from a suspect and further inspection found out one small clear plastic bag, and three tubes of straws containing chunks crystal suspected to be syabu drug, with gross weight of 2.10 grammes.

“Both suspects admitted to be involved with drug abuse, and were found to be positive of Amphetamine and Methamphetamine,” he said in a statement on Wednesday (September 9).

The second arrest was made around 11.45pm after seeing two men acting suspiciously in a parking lot in Pasar Baki.

“Upon inspection, the police found one small clear plastic bag containing chunks crystal suspected to be syabu with gross weight of 2.05grammes in his hands.

“Both suspects were also found to be positive of Amphetamine and Methamphetamine,” he continued.

The total gross worth of the drugs seized were RM420, and the cases will be investigated under Section 12(2) and Section 15(1)(a) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952.

Aswandy hopes the community in Serian district as well as areas around under the administration of Serian IPD, can cooperate with the police in a joint effort to eradicate drug deal and abuse in Serian district.

“I hope that the community will always be sensitive to the drug problem that occurs in the community as this problem is seen to be on the rise nowadays.

“And in line with the declaration of war on drugs launched by the top leadership of PDRM recently, I hope more drug information can be channelled to the authorities,” he said.