Four new clusters bring state’s total to 75

KUCHING: The State Health Department (JKNS) today declared four new clusters in Sarawak, namely two in Miri district and one each in the districts of Kanowit and Selangau.

The Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) said one of the clusters in Miri, dubbed the Jalan Agama Cluster, involved a learning centre.

“The index case of the cluster, Case 23,061, is a local, aged 57, who was detected as a result of symptomatic screening in Miri district,” it said in a statement today.

It said the Health Office had conducted screenings on close contacts within the workplace, family, and social circle of the case.

“A total of 95 individuals were screened, whereby 38 were found positive including the index case, 11 were negative, and 46 are still awaiting laboratory results,” said the statement.

It said the second cluster declared in Miri district was called the Air Padang Cluster, which is a workplace cluster involving a state government agency in Miri.

The committee said the index case of this cluster, Case 19,368, was detected through symptomatic screening in Kuching district when the case was visiting family members.

“Screening of close contacts at the workplace and among family was carried out by the Health Office,” it said.

SDMC said a total of 203 people were screened, of whom 19 were positive including the index case, 95 were negative, and 89 were still pending laboratory results.

The cluster declared in Kanowit district, called the Sungai Ranan Cluster, was a community cluster involving two longhouses at Sungai Ranan, Kanowit, the committee said.

“The index case of this cluster, Case 19,477, was detected through symptomatic individual screening at Kanowit Hospital.

“Active case detection (ACD) and screening were carried out involving the index case’s family members and workplace contacts, and targeted screening was also conducted at the longhouses,” it said.

The committee said a total of 191 people had been screened, whereby 32 tested positive including the index case; 109 tested negative and 50 were still awaiting laboratory results.

As for the new cluster in Selangau district, called the Nangga Tajam Cluster, the committee said this was also a community cluster involving a longhouse at Nangga Tajam, Selangau.

“The index case of this cluster, Case 26,347, was detected via symptomatic individual screening at Sibu Hospital on Apr 26,” it said.

It added that ACD had been carried out, involving family members and social contacts of the index case.

“A total of 104 individuals have been screened, whereby 34 were positive including the index case and 70 were found negative,” said SDMC.

As of today, there were 75 active clusters in Sarawak, of which 16 recorded a total of 107 new additional cases.