Four new clusters identified


By Aisyah Azzahra Suhiri

KUCHING: Four new community clusters were identified in the state on Monday (Sept 20).

State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) in its daily statement said that the first cluster, dubbed the Sungai Separai 2 Cluster in Tatau involved residents of a longhouse that has been placed under the enhanced movement control order (EMCO) in Sungai Separai area, Kilometre 8, Jalan Tatau.

“The cluster saw 12 positive cases including the index case out of 52 people screened while 40 others are still waiting for laboratory test results. Eleven new cases have been reported,” it said on Monday.

According to SDMC, the second community cluster, known as Jalan Bintulu-Miri 3 Cluster in Bintulu involves residents in a longhouse under EMCO in Batu 37, Jalan Bintulu-Miri, Bintulu.

“The cluster saw 45 positive cases including the index case out of 76 people screened while 31 are still waiting for test results and 42 new cases have been reported,” it said.

The third community cluster, Shama Ajai Cluster in Beluru involving one longhouse residents under EMCO in the Sungai Chabu area, Beluru.

“Of the 60 people screened, 27 including the index case were positive while 33 were negative and seven new cases have been reported,” said SDMC.

The fourth community cluster, namely Ulu Lubai Cluster in Limbang involving residents of a longhouse located in Ulu Lubai, Medamit, Limbang.

SDMC said that the cluster saw 16 positive cases including the index case and two negative cases out of 88 people screened. Seventy people are still waiting for results while five new cases have been reported.

“All Covid-19 positive cases were admitted to nearby hospitals and low-risk treatment centres and Covid-19 Assessment Centres in Bintulu, Miri and Limbang districts,” it said.

The committee also announced the end of two clusters, the Kandis Pantu Cluster in Sri Aman and Sungai Serindak Cluster in Selangau as no new cases involving the clusters were detected in the last 28 days.

“Twenty out of the 138 active clusters in the state recorded a total of 219 new cases while the other 118 clusters did not record any additional cases,” said SDMC.