Free food to those who are in need

Free non-Halal `tapau` available at a `Food Bank` corner in front of SUPP Miri Piasau branch along the Miri-Pujut road here. On Saturday SUPP Piasau branch chairman Datuk Sebastian Ting (in the photo) briefly launching the food corner to help those in need during this period.

MIRI: Volunteers from non-governmental organisations (NGOs) has teamed up with the Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Miri Piasau branch in setting up a ‘Food Bank’ corner, offering free food daily to the needy as many strive to endure the Covid-19 lockdown.

SUPP Piasau chairman, Datuk Sebastian Ting when met on Saturday at the simple launching ceremony of the ‘Food Bank’ corner which is being put up in front of the party’s office at the Unity Centre along the Miri-Pujut Road here, said the idea was to help feed those in need during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

“Volunteers from the Che Sing Khor Moral Uplifting Society in Krokop together with SUPP Piasau operation team collaborate for this project meant to help those in need,” he opined.

Ting who is also Assistant Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture cum Piasau State Assemblyman added, apart from these volunteers, people in the community  have also stepping forward to donate vegetables and other food items such as bread for the purpose.

Those in need are welcome to collect their non-Halal takeaway (tapau) for free at `Food Bank` corner here from 11.30am onwards daily.

For today, as for a start, a total 100 pack of foods (tapau) are being offered at the `Food Bank` corner.

Each person is entitled to collect two items for free.

On another note, Ting has reminded oppositions not to use the `white flag` campaign to score political points.

Please do not politicise on this `white flag` movement to gain your political mileage,` he said.

Ting was asked on his views on the `White Flag` (BenderaPutih) campaign which encourages those who are struggling financially to display a white flag from their homes as sign that they need immediate help.

`All politicians are for the rakyat regardless of their political backgrounds, it is crucial that we all go down , talk less to help those in  need ….show your sincere ,` he said.

He stressed out that the issues (white flag campaign) should not be manipulated.

Ting urged all political parties to focusing in helping the Rakyat during this difficult time and stops the blaming games.

`We have been in the lockdown situation for about 16 months, those who have no reserves in the bank are suffering the worse, so it’s not the time for the blaming games, instead we must work together and help those in need,` he disclosed.