Free pineapples for the public

Hatiah receives pineapples from a local Farmers Association.

DALAT: A large quantity of pineapples has been distributed free to the public in many areas in this district.

PBB Women Supreme Council member Hatiah Jeraie said on June 28, the Dalat/Oya Farmers Association contributed over 1,460.7 kgs of pineapples from four pineapple farms to the Service Centre and asked it to distribute the fruits to the public.

Dalat people are not only generous; they are also fun, creative and have a great sense of humour. Just take a look at this humongous creation of hundreds of pineapples cleverly stacked up till they almost reach the rafters. The growers are unable to sell the fruits, so the government bought them through the local farmers’ association for distribution all over the district. The purpose is to help the farmers make ends meet as they are unable to travel or work during the lockdown under the movement control order.

The Dalat Constituency Service Centre staff subsequently helped Hatiah to send the pineapples to mosques, churches and temples in Dalat and Oya districts.

“Yesterday, we have received about 11,016.5 kgs of pineapples from 55 pineapple farms.

“Because there were more pineapples, we asked the Village Development and Security Committees (JKKKs) to come to the Dalat Constituency Service Centre to pick up the pineapples themselves and distribute to their villagers. We received very positive responses from them,” said Hatiah.

She pointed that pineapples could be used in a variety of recipes, such as paceri and kerabu.

“When eaten with fried salted fish, pineapples can increase your appetite.

“All in all, the pineapple is an excellent food to eat every day because it is high in Vitamin C, fibre and contains nutrients that are good for our digestive system and overall health,” added Hatiah.

She said pineapples grown in Dalat were sweeter and juicier than those grown elsewhere.

Apart from the Pada Pineapple, which is farmed on a big scale in Kampung Sungai Kut and Kampung Tanam, other varieties of pineapples found in Dalat are the Sarikei Pineapple, Josephine Pineapple, B52 Pineapple, Honey Pineapple and Paun Pineapple.

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