PARIS: Thousands of high-school students in France received only provisional results from their baccalaureate exams yesterday due to a strike by hundreds of teachers who have refused to return marked papers.

Around 700 striking teachers did not return their markings by Thursday night’s deadline, representing “around 30,000 exam papers”, French Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer said.

Affected students, who are mostly in the areas of Creteil and Versailles near Paris and in the cities of Dijon and Toulouse, will receive provisional marks based on their performance results during the year.

Their final grade will be adjusted once the missing exams papers are returned.

Most of the 743,000 students who sat their exams this summer, known as the “bac”, got their final results on time.

Blanquer has slammed the strike and threatened to dock the pay of “teachers who have decided to play this game, which completely goes against the principles of public service”. – AFP