Surviving under candlelight, Spaoh residents don't have any other choice.

SPAOH: Residents here are unhappy with the frequent disruptions to their electricity supply and are calling on Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) to immediately solve their problem.

A resident, who preferred to remain anonymous said, “Electricity disruption occurs almost every week throughout the village. It is making the residents here anxious.”

He said the electricity blackouts could last from an hour to five hours.

Surviving under candlelight, Spaoh residents don’t have any other choice.

According to another resident, due to the power outages, many electrical appliances such as television sets, refrigerators and computers are damaged.

“Refrigerators cannot be used, ice melts, food items spoilt and fridges damaged.

“We need money to replace our damaged electrical appliances,” he said.

“We hope the relevant parties will take appropriate actions to address the problem of frequent power blackouts in Spaoh.

“Why do these blackouts occur frequently in rural areas and not in urban areas?” he asked.

Spaoh District is home to more than 10,000 households.