From a land surveyor to a satay seller

The One Stop Satay shop.

KUCHING: Aman Haji Umar, 52, was a land surveyor seventeen years ago when he decided to follow his dreams of continuing the family business tradition with his wife Mayang Khan, 50.

Starting his business at a bus stop under a canopy, now One Stop Satay has been standing until these days near Jalan Astana in front of the family’s houses.

“My commitment to keep the family company running has finally paid off. I’m now making a profit from selling foods,” he said.

Aman grilling his satay.

Aman mentioned that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected his business, especially since the implementation of the movement control order last year.

“I have struggled for three months to keep my company running — revenues have been down for more than a year due to the restricted movement caused by Covid-19, but things are looking up now,” he said.

“I am grateful that traders like me are still allowed to sell food although it is very unfortunate that the bazaars are closed but my shop can still remain open to dine in.” he added

“Most of my customers would just “take-away” and most of them would order from Food Panda and Grab Food so I am grateful to have these kinds of services that can help my business, “he added.

Recently, Aman began actively using Food Panda and Grab Food for his business and also accepting orders from customers in other parts of Sarawak and Malaysia by using a postal service.

The 53-year-old father has been making satay since 2004. He makes varieties of satay including beef satay, chicken satay, chicken skin satay, chicken tails and others.

“Some of my customers would travel from Lundu, Bintulu, Sibu and outside of Sarawak to taste my satay.”

“I cannot deny that there is a lot of competition in this industry, it is something you cannot avoid but I am glad that all of my customers are satisfied with the taste of my satay.”

He hopes that the Covid-19 pandemic will slowly be over soon in hopes to expand his business outside of Kuching.

Anyone who is interested in buying Aman’s satay can come to his shop near Jalan Astana or contact them via WhatsApp (016-8973621) or Facebook (One Stop Satay Jalan Astana).