From civil servant to businessman


KUCHING: Despite being a civil servant and having a fixed income, Muinuddin Matnor was determined to chase after his dreams of venturing into business.

Muinuddin, who also has experience working as a car and product salesman, worked in the bank and was involved in agriculture. However, he chose to venture into the ice-cream business.

He said 2015 was a turning point in his life as he ventured into the business world when he received an ice-cream processing machine from Pembangunan Usahawan Bumiputera (UPUB).

(left) Muinuddin Matnor with a customer and his ice-cream.

From then, he directed his focus on his ice-cream business even though he had to move his stall a few times.

Muinuddin mentioned that he did not regret his decision to leave the civil service. “I don’t regret leaving my employment with the government because it provided me with an opportunity to improve myself and work harder to provide for my family.”

He also added that his ice-cream business continued to receive support from his family and loyal customers. He is currently located at Medan Niaga Kubah Ria.

Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah), response has been very encouraging and I now have regular customers as well.”

Among the customers’ favourite flavours are sea salt and grand masta desserts besides the popular vanilla gula apong.

“These three choices are usually highly requested by my customers.”

Muinuddin also revealed that it is his dream to expand his business after seeing the encouraging response from his customers as well as the potential of his business.

“One of my biggest dreams is to popularise the brand vanillapong that has been around since 2015.”

Muinuddin Matnor with sea salt sofuto ice cream.