Designers and the organising committee of Malaysia Fashion Week 2018, White Box, Publika Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Lulong (for her) and Laja (for him), HIDA-YEAT Parfum inspired by Iban folklore, containing black pepper essence.
From HIDA-YEAT official website – promoting tourism through fashion.
The ‘Benak’ is Neng Kho’s dedication to Benak, one of Sarawak’s most iconic natural phenomena, celebrated yearly as a state event, Pesta Benak (Tidal Bore Festival).
From left: Hidayah Siew Yeat Lai (Director of TSYL Vision) and Neng Kho Razali (Executive Director of HIDA YEAT SDN. BHD.
From left: Bryan Chen (Marketing Manager, TSYL Vision), Lee Teck Yin (Director, TSYL Vision), Datuk Mohd Hamdan Hj. Wahid (YAS Ketua Pengarah, Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia), Datin Jamilah Hossin , Neng Kho Razali (Executive Director, HIDA-YEAT SDN. BHD.), Hidayah Siew Yeat Lai (Director, TSYL Vision), Zamir bin Abang (CEO, HIDA-YEAT SDN. BHD.), Aida – During HIDA-YEAT launch at Malaysia Fashion Week 2018, Publika Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.

Neng Kho Razali is a household name in Sarawak’s fashion scene. Her journey into the world of fashion is not for a year or two. Recently, the experienced lass introduced a unique road to Borneo’s art and culture through her latest brand, ‘Hida-Yeat’.

A new brand in the fashion industry, ‘Hida-Yeat’ features hand painted shawl and scarves crafted by the 34-year-old herself. Each painted patterns tells its users and its audiences a piece of story from Sarawak. Soft at touch, the cloth can be worn by both female and male in any fashion style. Not to forget, the experienced Neng Kho also introduced a line of fragrances for him and for her that is attached with different stories to each.

Reaching out to the artist and designer, Neng Kho provides an insight of her powerful pieces via e-mail :

Background of HIDA-YEAT :

HIDA-YEAT is a brand that combines fashion and tourism. Promoting tourism through fashion, each of the products carries Borneo stories and hopes to travel around the world. Three main criterias for this brand are strong Borneo identity with real Borneo folklore and history, export ready and equipped with e-commerce.

It all started when TSYL Vision Group approached Neng Kho Razali when they decided to venture into the fashion industry. After a few months of discussion, they set sail onto their new path with HIDA-YEAT.

HIDA-YEAT was a brand created by the fashion designer herself, dedicated to Hidayah Siew Yeat Lai from TSYL Vision Group. It shows her appreciation to Hidayah SYL as the person responsible of having faith towards NKR and in the end approached her for the new venture.

It’s significant? :

Browse through their Instagram account (hidayeatborneo) and you will learn more about Borneo folklore and history. Get a touch of their products and you will realise that it is like reading a storybook as the inspirations behind the products are attached with the packaging.

What’s in store from HIDA-YEAT to the world? :

HIDA-YEAT produces resort wear, accessories and fragrances.

Brand inspiration :

The brand is inspired by Borneo folklore and history.

There are two from different products from the brand. The first from the brand are two frangrances fit for a man and woman. Named as Lulong (for her) and Laja (for him) – Laja and Lulong are folklore characters that are very close with Kumang and Keling from one of indigenous group of Sarawak, the Iban.

Secondly, HIDA-YEAT also produces scarves. And at present, their ‘Benak’ designed with an abstract wave pattern is Neng Kho’s dedication to Benak which is one of Sarawak’s most iconic natural phenomena, celebrated yearly as a state event, Pesta Benak (Tidal Bore Festival). Benak comes in printed square scarfs and shawls with the original artwork by NKR.

How does the brand fit in the Sarawak market?

Apart from being a designer holiday wear, it will be a new option of souvenirs for tourist as it carries Borneo knowledge as well. I planned to have HIDA-YEAT products to be displayed at tourism spots in Sarawak in 2019. New product releases will be at two themes per annum for a start.

Neng Kho started her passion in the fashion industry in 2015 through her ‘Borneo Turbans’ under her brand name ‘Neng Kho Razali’. Inspired by the Borneans, Neng Kho reemerged back in 2018 with a new way of telling stories through ‘HIDA-YEAT’.

Those who are curious at what more HIDA-YEAT can offer, can hop on to their website at or their Instagram page at @hidayeatborneo.