Fulfi l your palaeontologist fantasies on Australia’s Dinosaur Trail

JURASSIC Park fans can now fulfil their palaeontologist fantasies on the Australia Dinosaur Trail, where designated sites in Richmond, Hughenden and Winton have been made accessible to visitors. Potential palaeontologists need a pass, which is available at each site’s visitor’s centre, according to Tourism and Events Queensland. Don’t want to dig alone?

Kronosaurus Korner in Richmond offers an expert-guided tour, including the necessary tools, such as brushes, superglue and geology hammers, from between April and October. In Hughenden, fossil fans can head to the Flinders Discovery Centre, while the Australian Age of Dinosaurs near Winston offers digs at several points throughout the year — as well as a fossil collection. – dpa

AT the Flinders Discovery Centre in Hughenden, fossil fans can try their hand at digging. Photo: dpa