Quarantine stations. File photo: Bernama

KUCHING: The government’s announcement on mandatory quarantine for incoming travellers into Malaysia — with the full cost to be borne by them (travellers) — is not only vital in breaking the transmission of Covid-19 but also well received by the people.

Several people interviewed by New Sarawak Tribune voiced out their opinion on such matter that has caught the nation’s attention, where people who are undergoing home quarantine are seen violating it by going out to public places.

On Thursday, Senior Minister (Security Cluster) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob announced that all Malaysians and foreigners returning from abroad will have to undergo 14 days of mandatory quarantine at designated quarantine centres and not at their own homes, besides having to also bear the full cost of screenings and the quarantine.

This is following cases of people violating standard operating procedures (SOPs) for home quarantine and creating a risk of local transmission of Covid-19.

Danyal Iqmal

Danyal Iqmal, 22, student

This is the right thing to do. Those who have violated the quarantine SOPs have really bothered everyone else. The ministry should have kept the mandatory quarantine throughout the entire movement control order (MCO). If someone was tested positive,. By doing so, the virus’ transmission can be controlled when under quarantine.

Sonia Chong

Sonia Chong, 24, unemployed

I support this motion to enforce mandatory quarantine for those coming into Malaysia. Singapore is also doing the same thing. We have seen Malaysians defy the SOPs and I wish that our government will implement the same ruling (mandatory quarantine).

Luqman Hakim, 23, freelance graphic designer

Luqman Hakim

If the government can cover half or at least a quarter of the full cost of the quarantine, it should be more helpful to the public as not all returnees may have the financial capacity to be quarantined. The government has already allocated a large sum of money taking care of the full cost of the previous quarantine, and another quarantine innitiative requires a lot to consider from all sides.

Sabrina Ku Mei Yee, 26, auditor

Sabrina Ku Mei Yee

I agree with the motion. With the increasing cases here in Kuching that involve different clusters, I definitely think those undergoing mandatory quarantine should be strictly monitored by authorised personnel and penalties should be imposed on those violating the procedures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Siti Nur Amirah Mohd Zaini, 25, student

Siti Nur Amirah Mohd Zaini

Most Malaysians tend to take things for granted when we allow them to have the flexibility to undergo quarantine at home.  Pay for their own mandatory quarantine should be considered as a part of their contribution in helping the recovery process of our country. The rules and law on quarantine matters should be very strict so that this situation will not repeat in future.