Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan

KUCHING: There is no restriction for a federal government or a state government to provide funds for religious bodies aside from Islam to manage their activities, says de facto Law Minister Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan.

“Religious groups have the right to manage its own religious affairs as per Clause (3) of Article 11 of the Federal Constitution and establish and maintain institutions for religious or charitable purposes.

“This is along with acquiring and owning property and administer it in accordance with the law and establish and maintain institutions for the education of children in the group itself as Clause (2) of Article 12 of the Federal Constitution.”

He said this in a written response to a question from Dewan Negara Senator Dr Nuing Jeluing recently.

Takiyuddin said in addition, Clause (2) of Article 12 of the Federal Constitution, among others, allowed the federal or state government to incur any necessary expenses to establish or maintain Islamic institutions.

“This is as well as assist in establishing or maintaining Islamic institutions and organise or assist in conducting teachings in Islam.

“Therefore, the federal government and the state government can provide assistance to and for the establishment and maintenance of Islamic institutions including any expenses as necessary.

“However, there is no obstacle to the federal government or any state government to provide assistance to other religions subject to their respective financial allocations.”