Shafiee Ahmad

KUCHING: The construction of the Batang Igan Bridge will be a game-changer in the development landscape of especially Matu and Daro Districts.

Daro assemblyman Shafiee Ahmad said the construction of the bridge would allow the potential and opportunities for development, especially in the agricultural and aquaculture sectors in this area.

“The Batang Igan Bridge project complements the coastal road network after the approval of the Muara Lassa Bridge and the Batang Paloh Bridge projects.

“Through the construction of this bridge, connectivity to Daro and Matu areas becomes easier because there are no more disconnected routes that require ferry services,” he said when contacted by Suara Sarawak.

He pointed out that the bridge would solve the main problems faced by the people in the area.

“In the past, the communities can only be connected via river routes but now they are no longer separated from the outside world, especially the big cities nearby.

“I hope that the development implemented by the government will be fully utilised by the people to improve their socio-economic status,” he said.