KUCHING: Creative Culture, a project initiated by Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) is aiming to incorporate gaming into learning in school.

“We are looking to merge gaming in teaching and learning to incorporate fun and playfulness in an education environment.

“We believe that different game mechanics and roles would teach students of all ages different values so we are not focusing on gaming to game but gaming to learn,” said Unimas lecturer and Creative Culture project leader Dr Jacey-Lynn Minoi.

The project was issued its grant in 2017 under the Newton-Ungku Omar fund and still continues until today.

Jacey-Lynn believes that when playing different roles in a game, students are essentially putting on different hats which encourage students to be involved physically and emotionally.

She emphasises that gaming is a universal language and is suitable for all ages and encourages adults and children to play games together which would build values in understanding each other.

Dr Minoi speaks to the media after the public talk on Digital Makerspace and Creative Culture organised by Azam at the Azam complex in Kuching. Photo: Nadim Bokhari

“In the coming years we expect this project to be incorporated into primary and secondary school syllabus as we have put a lot of efforts in convincing the general public on the benefits of gaming in an education environment.

Jacey-Lynn was also pleased to announce that the project has been granted the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) and is looking to expand to nearby Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam.

The project is also setting its eyes upon coming up with a solution for youth social issues through gaming and social innovations and observing its impact on the community.