File Photo of the incident: A section of the house wall that collapsed after it was rammed by a garbage truck at RPR Batu Kawah.

KUCHING: A man who pleaded guilty to hijacking a garbage truck belonging to a garbage transport company, was sentenced to 12 months in prison on Tuesday (Aug 11).

Magistrate Mohd Syukri Mokhtar meted out the order to the 35-year-old man to be sentenced from Tuesday (Aug 11) after pleading guilty to stealing a garbage truck under Section 379A of the Penal Code.

The man admitted that he stole a garbage truck belonging to Trienekens Sarawak Sdn Bhd from truck driver Mohd Ariffin Abdullah.

The accused committed the offense at 1.30pm at RPR Batu Kawa here on Jan 4.

According to the facts of the case, on the day of the incident at 1.30pm, when the complainant and his colleagues were on their daily routine of collecting garbage at RPR Batu Kawa, they were stopped by an unknown man.

The man then pulled the complainant (driver) out and his colleagues who witnessed the incident jumped out of the truck with fear.

The accused then hijacked the vehicle and tried to escape until he accelerated the truck towards a house and crashed into it.

The accused then got out of the truck and fled using a Proton Waja car.

The truck sustained severe damages to its front window, signal lights, water tank and front door.

The complainant then lodged a police report for the purpose of investigation.