Baderi (front, third right) hands over the donation to a fire victim Nornila Assi as others look on.

MUKAH: Folk in Kampung Sesok here organised a simple donation drive to assist families in Kampung Penakub Ulu who were left homeless after a fire destroyed their house recently.

They managed to collect a certain sum of money and later donated it to the fire victims, who were also their neighbours and relatives living on the opposite bank of Batang Mukah.

Kampung Sesok Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK) chairman Baderi Marsi handed over their contribution in simple ceremony near the site of the burned house here recently.

Kapitan Kueh Bing Chuan, Ketua Kaum Jefri Musa and Ketua Kaum Jali Gani also attended the event.

Two families comprising 14 peoples were left homeless in a fire which happened on Feb 15 at 9.15am, and completely destroyed their house.

No injuries or fatalities were reported.