Get ‘em vaxxed, whatever it takes


KUCHING: Teachers should make good use of their skills training for the benefit of our school children, said Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Youth members.

“Although we support the decision made by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to allocate unvaccinated teachers to other tasks so as not to risk the children, it would actually be a waste of what they have been trained for if the tasks given are not their specialty.

Surai Abell

“Hence, we would prefer them to be vaccinated and teach the children. This way, it will not defeat the purpose of their profession and training. Additionally, at the same time, both the children and teachers are protected as well,” said PRS Youth Exco member Surai Abell.

He was commenting on the matter where 2,500 teachers refused to be vaccinated and will be allocated to other tasks instead for fear that school children may get infected by Covid-19.

“They (teachers) are intellectual people and they should not fall into the trap of anti-vaccine groups and being influenced in not taking the vaccines. Moreover, as government employees, disobedience shouldn’t occur.

“It is like holding government to ransom. We need not set a precedent because intimidation of this manner can spread and could result in mutiny in the profession and also to other departments as well,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, another PRS Youth member Samuel Kuek suggested that MOE look and revisit their (teachers) employment terms and job scope to ensure the Ministry and teachers are on the same track.

Samuel Kuek

“Other alternatives such as the existing home-based teaching and learning programme could still be implemented if it is proven effective.

“Education is the most important arm of the country nation-building and should not be sacrificed for selfishness. Talk ‘nation’ instead of capitalising on Covid-19 situation to pursue your agenda.

“For the sake of our nation and school-going children, the MOE shall by all means get these back to work, restore discipline and thereafter may argue their case,” he added.

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