In this file photo, Selangor United celebrate after winning a match.

KUCHING: Sarawak die-hard fans are anxious to see how Sarawak United are going to fare in next year’s Premier League.

They want the team management to hire only quality foreign and local players to bring positive results.

“Yes, Kuching FA team will be playing in the Premier League but as I am from Bintulu I will give my support to Sarawak team and Sarawak United,” said Faizal Ibrahim, 32.

Faizal, however, urged Sarawak United management to include good local players in the team regardless which part of the state they come from.

Meanwhile, Billy Clement, 26, of Sri Aman believed that Sarawak United can fly high in the Premier League provided the team engaged quality players, practise good team management and players are committed to a high level of discipline.

“I sympathise with the Crocs, as so many negative things are being said about the team. “I hope that things will change for FAS and the state team (the Crocs) and Sarawak United next year,” he added.

A former Sarawak coach who requested anonymity said both Sarawak United and the Crocs need good coaches.

In this file photo, Selangor United celebrate after winning a match.

He suggested that FAS should build a strong Crocs squad to enable them to perform well in the M3 League to gain promotion to Premier League in 2021.

Selangor United has transformed into Sarawak United to play in the Premier League next season after the change of name from Selangor United Football Club (SUFC) to Sarawak United Football Club (SUFC).

Selangor United, a Premier League team, were bought over by FA of Sarawak (FAS).

As the new owners, FAS wanted a change of name and the Malaysian Football League (MFL) gave their approval.

This means that from now, Selangor United will be known as Sarawak United following the takeover and shift operations from their Selayang Stadium to Kuching.

MFL announced that they have approved FAS’ request to change the ownership status of Selangor United.

The Crocs were relegated to the third-tier M3 League after they finished in 11th spot in the Premier League this year and even lost 31 in a playoff against M3 League runners-up Kuching FA on Nov 23.

Selangor United who made their debut in the Premier League this season finished in ninth spot.