KUCHING: Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian said it is a policy for agencies under his ministry to insist that all project sites have signboards showing what the projects are, the owners of the projects, the contractors, consultants etc.

He said the signboards must also have other important information such as the dates of commencement, dates of completion, names of agencies and companies involved.

“In this way, the public will be able to help monitor the progress of these projects by reporting to the implementing agencies delays or dangers to workers, public and environment.”

Dr Sim said this yesterday as a follow up to a post he made the day before on his WhatsApp of a project signboard that did not display the contact number of the contractor.

The minister also said yesterday that about two months ago, he posted in his Facebook an overdue project to get the contractor to quickly finish the project.

He said he was forced to resort to posting on Facebook because the signboard did not give any contact number.

This signboard is without the contractor’s contact number.