Trienekens’ walk-in customers receive their WED celebratory gift bags at the company’s head office at Sungai Tapang.

KUCHING: Waste management company Trienekens (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd made it a point to highlight environmental preservation in view of today’s World Environment Day (WED).

The company said along with preserving the environment, sustainable lifestyles must also be applied to the state’s natural resources.

“This year’s ‘time for nature’ theme calls for us to rethink and rebuild our relationship with nature. Within Trienekens, we have cultivated among our employees how we can minimise our environmental footprint through recycling, prevention of single-use plastics.

“This is as well as energy and water saving initiatives, tree planting and others from within our business operations and homes,” Trienekens’ group chief executive officer Stephen Chin said in a statement yesterday.

Chin said the company was inviting its customers to celebrate WED by encouraging them to regenerate nature through similar sustainable practices.

“With these efforts, along with recycling and managing our waste properly, together we can ensure the time we put in collectively can help preserve and heal nature,” said Chin.

Trienekens, in the same statement said that according to UN Environmental Programme (UNEP), WED called for urgent action to protect biodiversity and nature.

“This is necessary as it provides oxygen to breathe, purifies drinking water, ensures fertile soil, and produces the variety of foods required for humans to stay healthy and resist diseases.

“Living in harmony with nature can be achieved if the negative impacts of biodiversity loss are reversed while pursuing the full implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” the company added.

In support of this year’s WED theme and celebration, Trienekens also gave away limited edition mini hydroponic sets to its walk-in customers in the days leading up to WED at its Head Office.

This, according to them, is a way to raise awareness and encourage customers’ participation by learning how to grow their own vegetables at home.