Good market for king of fruits

Tangga’s durians that have been opened.

KUCHING: The badly damaged logging road — the only road that connects Kampung Tuba in Ulu Sebuyau with Sebuyau town — is a hindrance but this has not stopped Tangga Ngumbang from selling durians to earn a living.

According to the 38-year-old durian seller, following the continuous heavy rain that has caused the main road (logging road) in his village to be severely damaged, he had to use a small boat to take his durians to Sebuyau town.

“However, all the hard work to transport the durians has paid off very well when he collected more than RM5,000 in one day with more than 400 durians sold.

“Although the number of durians sold was small, their prices this year were quite high compared to previous years. This is because most of the durian trees were damaged by squirrels.

“I am very thankful because the proceeds from the sale have been very helpful to me and my family, especially in buying necessities for my five children, all of whom are still in school. I’ll also buy necessities and medicines for both of my grandparents who are sick,” he said, adding that his family has one of the largest durian orchards in his village.

Tangga claimed that durians from Kampung Tuba are famous for their creamy finger-licking taste and most importantly, he sells them at very reasonable prices.

“Sold at RM30 to RM35 for a bundle (ikat) — one bundle contains two to four durians (according to their sizes) — the durians that have been transported to Sebuyau market are supplied to sellers around Simunjan, Kota Samarahan and Kuching.

“In Kuching, I always sell durians around Bandar Baru Samariang on weekends where usually (if the weather is good), my durians are sold out in just two to three hours.

“However, since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country, I have not gone down to Kuching. I strictly limited my travels for fear of becoming infected by the deadly virus,” he said.

In the meantime, to make it easier for him (as well as other villagers) to bring agricultural produce to nearby towns, he hoped that the state government would build a paved road in their village.

“Apart from facilitating our daily affairs such as sending children to school as well as buying daily essentials at Sebuyau market, a paved road would also greatly help us in transporting our produce to other places.

“It is hoped that the people’s representative and the state government would take immediate action to upgrade the logging road leading to our village,” said Tangga.

These durians are ready to be taken to Sebuyau town.