Good response to opening food stalls in front of their houses

Salim trades in the yard of his house in Kampung Tellian Laut Mukah.

MUKAH: Although the Ramadan bazaar is not allowed, some traders here have taken the initiative to open stalls in front of their houses after being given the green light by the Dalat and Mukah District Council (MDDM) and the Divisional Disaster Management Committee.

Suara Sarawak found that the traders were adhering to all the standard operating procedures (SOPs).

The front yard stalls in Mukah.

In fact, the Health Department and the police are also monitoring. Traders begin to operate at 2.30pm daily.

Salim Bakar

Salim Bakar, 56, owner of the D’redz Kitchen stall in Kampung Tellian Laut, said this was the first time he was doing business in his front yard during Ramadan.

“Due to Covid-19, the Ramadan bazaar in Mukah was closed and we were allowed to operate in front of our houses.

Hanesa Bani

“I hope customers respect the fasting month and adhere to the SOPs given by the government such as staying vigilant when buying food as well as scanning the MySejahtera barcode and body temperature before going in to purchase food at my stall,” he said.

Salim was thankful that many people came to buy food at his stall. He sells various types of drinks, rice, grilled chicken and cakes.

Hanesa Bani, 37, was also relieved that many customers bought the delicacies at her stall.

“On the first day alone, many people came to buy and almost all the kuih-muih at my stall were sold out.

“Maybe because the Ramadan bazaar was not open. My friends also saw posts that I shared on Facebook. Some made early bookings and would pick up the food later on,” she added.

Hanesa is grateful she can sell all her cakes.
Nor Shafiqah

Nor Shafiqah Mohd Hamid, 26, said she did not have enough people to serve the customers who bought the Roti John and drinks at her stall.

“This is the first time we have a stall in front of the house after the movement control order period.

“Of course, we will sell more drinks as almost every customer buys drinks at our stall. We sell different kind of drinks every day,” she added.

Nor Shafiqah also hopes that Roti John and the drinks she sell will satisfy the tastes of customers around Mukah during this Ramadan month.

Not many traders sell food or drinks in front of their houses on the first day of Ramadan, but the number of traders increased on the second day onwards.

Many traders also use social media to promote the food and drinks they sell and are grateful for the extra income they make during Ramadan.

Nor Shafiqah sells Roti John and drinks in front of her house.