Government assures Covid-19 vaccine is safe

Nancy receives her Covid-19 jab at the Sadong Jaya Health Clinic. Photo: Nur Ashikin Louis

ASAJAYA: The government will not simply introduce the Covid-19 vaccine to the people without proper clinical study in terms of its safety, efficacy and quality.

Federal Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister and Batang Sadong MP Datuk Seri Nancy Shukri said the government will not make a blunt decision on the vaccine as it takes into account the trials and benchmark from the other countries.

“It is very necessary for the people to be wary of various information spread in the social media regarding the vaccine because certain people would portray those messages as guidance for them.

“Therefore, the Perikatan Nasional federal government would usually verify the sources and validity of the information first to ensure that the vaccine is truly safe,” she told reporters when met during her visit at Sadong Jaya here today (March 6).

On misinformation regarding vaccination programme, Nancy added that such thing was not new as the world or Malaysia, in particular, has been familiarised with vaccine shots like the Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG), oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV), tetanus toxoid (TT), rabies, influenza as well as measles, mumps and rubella (MMR).

 “Even if you wanted to travel overseas including to perform Haj (pilgrimage), you are required to be vaccinated beforehand.

“Although the content of the vaccine may be different, the goal is to protect the people from harmful diseases,” she said.

The same day also witnessed Nancy alongside Sadong Jaya assemblyman Aidel Lariwoo receiving their Covid-19 vaccines at the Sadong Jaya Health Clinic.

She further expressed her gratitude that the majority of the Batang Sadong residents showing their support for the vaccination programme in the state.