Government urged to review amendment, maximum compound

Graduan president Lee Seang Hock

KUCHING: Malaysian Young Graduates Association (Graduan) has asked the government to promptly amend the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 (Act 342).

The association has also suggested that the government reduce the maximum compound rate of RM10,000 and provide a detailed description of the Enforcement Act to the general public.

Its president Lee Seang Hock said many individuals served with the compound notices did not know their rights and ways to appeal for the compound reduction.

Lee said Graduan fully supported the enforcement of strict action to ensure full compliance with the SOP.

Unfortunately, he said the lack of effective communication had turned the compound notice issue into a communication crisis for the government.

“It has also, to a certain extent affected the good cooperation between the people and the government in tackling the spread of Covid-19.

Lee urged the respective government agencies to always provide a clear and thorough explanation to the people before implementing any new policies and laws that had a huge impact on society in general.

“A standard enforcement guideline must be established so that there would be no issue of injustice or ‘too big a gap’ in compound rate imposed among those compounded for similar offences.

As a responsible government, this issue should be addressed with utmost urgency to ensure smooth-running of the efforts to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.