Govt’s support needed for home learning

KUCHING: The implementation of Home Teaching and Learning (PdPR) in Sarawak has sparked various polemics, said Datuk Shamsudin Abdul Rahman.

The Consumer Voice Association of Sarawak (Covas) vice president opined that the needs of education besides health and economic also require immediate actions from the government during this Covid-19 pandemic.

He said that the main issue with PdPR, especially in Sarawak is unstable internet connectivity and unavailability of gadgets such as mobile phones or laptops for students.

“The issue of unstable internet connectivity and lack of gadgets is affecting many students, particularly in the rural areas thus causing them to be left behind or unable to follow the PdPR.

“Assistance must be given to parents who are in the B40 and M40 group. Not only excellence in education is the state government’s priority, but it is also shared by the parents who wish to see their children successful,” he added.

According to him, Covas is suggesting that the state government should provide e-book for students who are affected in order to facilitate their education through PdPR.

Meanwhile, Sarawak Teachers’ Union (STU) president, Adam Prakash Abdullah also of the opinion that the unavailability of gadgets will contribute to students being left behind in the learning process with their teachers.

“There are many schools in Sarawak located in the rural areas. Therefore, the issues of PdPR are there and it is putting pressures on the teachers, students and parents. The teachers are disappointed that the learning materials cannot be delivered to the students,” he said.

He hopes the state government and those who are able to help will do immediate planning to ensure that students will get their education during this pandemic.

“For parents who are staying in the rural areas with insufficient source of income to support the PdPR process, they are hoping for assistance from the government or anyone who is willing to provide their children in their education,” he said.