GPS reps are assured of development funds

Another view of Tasik Biru Photo: Ghazali Bujang

KUCHING: Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) consistently provides allocations to its elected representatives for programmes and projects aimed at benefitting and helping the people.

Harry Henry Jinep. Photo: Ghazali Bujang

Tasik Biru incumbent Datuk Henry Harry Jinep said the GPS state government provided each GPS elected representative with allocations annually, such as RM5 million for rural transformation programme (RTP), RM2 million for minor rural project (MRP), and RM1 million for Sarawak home improvement programme for the poor (PPRMS).

He said there was also RM1 million provided for the Agriculture Facilitation Fund (AFF).

“The moment you become a YB, the money is there for you to spend for the people. So why not choose GPS?” he said in an exclusive interview on Thursday (Nov 25).

He said elected representatives could also request for more funds if required as the GPS state government was willing to spend for the benefit of the people.

“GPS does not provide projects and go to the ground only when it is close to election time. Instead, GPS goes to the ground all the time.

“The people must continue to support GPS because the provisions are always there as long as there is GPS,” he said.

He said that constituencies under opposition elected representatives would not receive these allocations and thus their constituents would not be able to benefit from such programmes and projects.

Touching on PPRMS, Harry said a total of 417 homes of poor households in Tasik Biru had been repaired over the last four years, with a total allocation of RM3.5 million.

He pointed out the pitiful and unfortunate living conditions experienced by the poor, with some living by doing odd jobs and earning RM50 or so a day.

He said with this assistance from the GPS state government, those in need could at least live more comfortably and focus on earning a living to support their family.

“With PPRMS, at least those in need do not have to spend much time thinking and worrying about their house, such as leaks in their roof or having no walls or proper toilets.

“Instead, they have more time to think about building up their primary aspects such as bringing food home for their family, working in peace, and ensuring their children stay home comfortably and study. This is why PPRMS is so important,” he said.

At the same time, he said other programmes to provide water and electricity supply especially to rural areas were also continued, including the rural electrification scheme (RES) and additional or late applicant fund (Alaf).

“Not only that, the GPS state government also focuses on developing roads and infrastructure as well. Everything is done for the rakyat,” Harry emphasised.

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