A GrabFood rider during lunch rush hours.
A GrabFood rider during lunch rush hours.

KUCHING: A newly established food delivery company here known as GrabFood has given rise to new job prospects for mobile young people especially fresh graduates.

GrabFood services, which are currently available in Kuching only, enable locals to earn from RM600 to RM700 each per week.

According to Grab rider, Syed Mohamad Adib, 27, the service is flexible and affordable for the majority of people.

“It makes purchasing food convenient for customers especially during rush hours such as lunch time when people just want to have their meals quickly and return to whatever they are doing for the day,” he said.

He also said the service is getting more and more popular among urbanites because there’s no hassle.

“Sometimes buying food can take up time and we all know that time is what we lack. So basically the public would save time using the service,” he said.

On being a rider for GrabFood, Adib explained that it is an option for job seekers or as a means to earn extra income.

Unlike Grab e-hailing services which require proper cars as taxis, GrabFood orders are delivered by motorcyclists, which is a plus as not everyone can afford a car.

The service is also cashless as customers simply pay beforehand using e-money. This lessens the chances of the riders getting robbed during deliveries.

Other than that, riders have insurance coverage provided by the company which will foot the bills of riders who get injured in accidents while on the job.

He also said that the food delivery initiative is in keeping with current developments in the digital services industry.