Growing grapes, anyone?

Grapes that Cecilia grow in her backyard.

MIRI: The partial lockdown, implemented since March 18 because of the Covid-19 pandemic, has made many people turn to home gardening.

Some grow vegetables or flowers while others grow fruits like grapes in their backyards.

Perhaps growing grapes is the next big trend in home gardening.

Writer Cecilia Sman has been growing grapes at her backyard for almost a year.

Cecilia is also an avid flower gardener.

“I got the seeds from a friend and ever since, have started to grow the grapes myself,” she said.

“I never thought of venturing into backyard viticulture, but after one of my friends gave me some seeds, I just tried my luck. I managed to get the fruits last May,” she pointed out.

Grape is a botanically berry, which can be eaten fresh as table grapes or be used in the making of wine, juice, jelly, grape seed extracts, raisins, vinegar and grape seed oil.

Grapes come in different colours — green, red, black, yellow and pink.

Those that Cecilia grows in her backyard are green coloured grapes.

Cecilia is also an avid flower gardener. Her backyard in Lutong is filled with blooming flowers, including staghorn plants.

She said the lockdown has provided the perfect opportunity to do a spot of gardening.

Liza (clad in black shirt) with her niece.

Civil servant, Liza Ibrahim, was also busy working in her backyard and front gardens during the partial lockdown.

“Gardening is not only my favourite pastime during the lockdown but it has been my hobby long before that,” she said.

Besides gardening, Liza also turned to cooking during the lockdown.