Half of Limbang folk already inoculated

Dr Abdul Rahman Ismail

KUCHING: More than half of the population in the Limbang Division have already been vaccinated, said Agriculture, Native Land and Regional Development Assistant Minister, Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Ismail.

He said as of July 16, 52.4 percent or 38,714 people in the Limbang Division were inoculated.

Also vaccinated were 45.2 percent or 18,431 residents of the Limbang district and 61.2 percent or 20,283 residents of the Lawas district.

“We expect this vaccine rollout programme to end on August 13 and, by that time, our target is to have 77 percent of the population in the entire Limbang Division vaccinated, 76 percent in the Limbang district jabbed and 78 percent in the Lawas district injected.

“This is a good figure taking into account the residents who are not in Limbang. We estimate that about 10,000 residents are outside Limbang,” he said.

 Dr Abdul Rahman was speaking at a press conference on the progress of the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (NCIP) in Limbang on Saturday (July 17).

The news was reported by the Sarawak Public Communications Unit (Ukas).

The assistant minister explained that the current floods in certain areas of northern Sarawak had delayed the vaccination rollout. At the same time, he said the vaccination process for the Penans had been slow.

“Although the population is not many, about 387 people, only 18 Penans have agreed to be vaccinated so far. We will explain the vaccines to them so that more are willing to be injected.

“For the Penan area, we will hold a vaccination outreach programme from July 26 to 29,” he said.

To date, several vaccination centres (PPVs) such as those in Medamit and ILIM (Malaysian Islamic Training Institute) Jakim. have been closed.

Meanwhile, the vaccination centre at Batu Danau will be closed on July 21 and the centre at Dewan Suarah Limbang will be open until Aug 13.