Hard for many to adapt to online learning

Learning online. File photo: Bernama

KUCHING: It is challenging for many students to adapt to an online learning environment immediately after traditional classroom learning. 

“My kids find it too comfortable to study at home. There are many other issues such as technical difficulties and time management.” said Catherine Wong, 41, an accountant and mother of a Form Three boy.

She said sometimes her children were unable to hand in their schoolwork on time because of the technical problems.

Anna Lee, 58, a housewife and mother of a Form 4 girl and a Form 5 boy, said the girl needed to focus on her lessons.

“My daughter is  unable to focus on what the teachers are teaching. She is always on her phone, either playing games or watching videos while the lectures are going on.

“Both my children are taking up online learning and it is very hard for them to get a stable connection when there are four people in the house hogging the Wi-Fi,” she pointed out.

Lee said her children’s school had come up with a solution by sending out a free YES sim card with 30Gb data to every student who applied for it. 

The school also reminded parents to be on the alert and make their children focus on their classes. They were told to be aware of the online learning time to prevent any distractions at home.  

“My son’s school has taken the initiative to implement a new learning style by adding more visual presentations and video clips to make the classes more interesting,” said Bong Wen Qing, 60, retired sales manager and father of a Form 5 boy.

Indeed, many teachers and schools are coming up with more alternative methods of teaching to overcome their students’ challenges.

These methods include recorded lectures that the students can view from time to time after class and interactive tutorial assignments to make lessons more engaging.