Harden (right) surveying the conditions at Jambatan Kaong Ulu Paku and the construction of the cemented road heading to Kampung Samak.

SIMANGGANG: Assistant Minister of Community Wellbeing and Simanggang assemblyman Datuk Francis Harden Hollis together with Public Works Department (JKR) Sri Aman Division new engineer Christhoper George on Saturday (June 27) surveyed the access road to longhouses and the bridge conditions in the interior of Ulu Paku.

This survey was to allow the JKR engineer to see for himself the condition of the road and formulate plans which need to be implemented to suit the current situation and the needs of the locals, said a press statement on Saturday (June 27).

All longhouses in the Ulu Paku, Undop area have been connected with a road network, but the current efforts now are to upgrade the roads for the convenience of users.

Also present at the visit were JKR Sri Aman Division assistant engineer Shahabuddin Abu Bakar, assistant engineer Nor Aini Ahmad and planner Helga Edward, the statement concluded.