Hawkers association wants DAP to stop cheap publicity

Kuching-Kota Samarahan Hawkers Association chairman Chang Hot Chai.

KUCHING: Kuching-Kota Samarahan Hawkers Association has urged Sarawak Democratic Action Party (DAP) to stop using hawkers as platform for cheap publicity.

“We do not appreciate these actions as the RM100 you are passing around in your chosen areas will not solve any of our problems,” said association chairman Chang Hot Chai on Thursday (May 6).

This came after Sarawak DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen reportedly handed out RM100 to hawkers at I-Com Square on May 2.

The money was to help ease the financial burden of the hawkers affected by Covid-19 clusters.

“We thank you on behalf of the hawkers, but it is our deep regret that you only come out now when election is near but never to be seen when things were tough for us,” Chang said.

He said DAP’s action was an election gimmick and desperate for votes, urging members to take the money but vote with the heart.

He also questioned DAP’s action on why money was given to selected hawkers in its own constituencies only and not to all hawkers in Sarawak.

“We all know who has been helping all this while since the beginning of the pandemic.

“We should vote them in so that when we are in trouble, we have someone to depend on.

“Enough is enough, please stop using poor people to get publicity, we want action, not just talk.

“If you want to continue to hand out money, give to all the hawkers, not just in your own area or constituency.”