Health director’s CNY advice to celebrants

Dr Chin Zin Hing speaks during the press conference. Photo: JaPen

KUCHING: State Health director Dr Chin Zin Hing has advised the Chinese community to avoid gatherings with non-family members and to avoid open houses during the Chinese New Year (CNY) season.

Should open houses be held, hold them in the open or places with good air ventilation by opening the doors and windows.

“Should CNY gatherings be held, celebrants are to make sure that the number of participants is as small as possible.

“Those residing in the red, orange or yellow zones (areas with active Covid-19 cases) are advised not to go into the green zone (areas without active Covid-19 cases) and vice versa.

“This action is important to prevent you from carrying the virus into your homes,” he said in the department’s 2021 CNY message today.

Dr Chin also urged people to meet non-family members in compounds outside of their respective homes, to wear face masks and exercise physical distancing of two metres away from one another at all times.

He also advised people not to visit family members and friends categorised as high risk, including those above 60, those who were obese and had chronic illnesses as they might develop complications if they were infected by the virus.

Apart from that, they are to avoid eating and drinking sessions that go on for more than 15 minutes and also avoid sharing plates and glasses.

“Should anyone feel sick even with minor symptoms, he or she needs to distance himself or herself from other celebrants and have a swab test done for Covid-19 immediately.

“As you are the frontliners of your families, you are to avoid going for inter-district travel if it is not necessary.

“Love your family members and friends. We still have time to celebrate Chinese New Year in the future,” he pointed out.