Helping CEOs, business owners achieve better results

Vistage Malaysia chairman and CEO coach Stanley Lee showing the information of Vistage on a brochure at a press conference at Pullman hotel, Kuching. Photo: Mohd Alif Noni

KUCHING: Vistage is going to launch its first Vistage Emerging Entrepreneur (VEE) Group in Kuching that aims to help chief executive officers (CEOs) and business owners make better decisions and achieve better results.

Stanley speaking to reporters at a press conference. Photo: Mohd Alif Noni

Vistage chair and CEO coach of Vistage Malaysia, Stanley Lee, said the group was expected to be launched on March 26 here.

Vistage was established in Peninsular Malaysia for more than 27 years and before this, the group had also assisted government-linked agencies under the Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC).

“Vistage came here many years ago as an in-house Vistage setup with SEDC and they have been quite successful.

“As such, we find that now is the time to set up a VEE group in Sarawak and open it to those interested.

“I think we should progress because Vistage is about helping business owners, CEOs to become better leaders, make better decisions and achieve better results in the businesses and even achieve better results personally.

“Hopefully, this result will also touch the communities that the members engage with,” he said on Tuesday (Jan 11).

He added that now the group was in the process of recruiting interested CEOs or business owners.

“We will accept people from the manufacturing, trading or even the services industry. And each group will have non-competing members, companies or CEOs,” he said, adding that the current policy of Vistage was that whatever that had been discussed would be kept private and confidential.

He added that the VEE group, which would consist of a minimum of eight to 16 members, would then meet monthly to discuss business issues, share expertise, and provide one another confidential help to achieve their goals.

“During the group session, they can bring us the issues faced and we will process them according to a time-proven system that we have on how we handle those issues.”

He also said that the group was looking forward to having a collaboration with government-linked agencies for mutual benefit.

As of November 2021, VMS has more than 980 members with a combined annual revenue of over USD17bil (RM70bil), providing employment to over 120,000 individuals.

For further details, contact Stanley at 603-22842176 or email at

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