Helping community leaders understand OKUs better

A JaPen Sarawak officer who also attended the programme.

KUCHING: Three hundred and eighteen participants attended a programme aimed at helping community leaders understand better people with disabilities (OKUs) and their disabilities.

Sarawak Information Department (JaPen) Director Swady Guliling officiated at the MyCekap Community Programme: Training of Trainer (TOT) Workshop for Community Leaders.

In his speech, Swady said, “People with disabilities (OKUs) are one of the vulnerable groups that need to be taken care of and need to be empowered like other groups in line with the goals of the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP).

“Inclusiveness is an important element to ensure that all government initiatives and agendas for the development and well-being of the people are inclusive and no one is left out to enjoy the facilities provided by the government.”

The programme was organised by the Empowerment Communication for People with Disabilities Branch (CKPOKU), Communication Services and Community Development Division, JaPen Malaysia in collaboration with the state and district JaPen.

The programme also provided information on the support and assistance provided by various agencies for OKUs including development and empowerment programmes for them at the community level.

 The briefings and talks were delivered by CKPOKU, Communication Services and Community Development Division, JaPen Malaysia head Dr  Ruziah Ghazali and Senior Assistant Director, Psychology and Counselling Division, Social Welfare Department Malaysia Mohd Hafiz Halim.