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Henry Harry Jinep 2 Ghazali Bujang

BAU: Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Henry Harry Jinep has rubbished allegations that he had a hand in delaying the Kampung Selampit Bridge.

The Tasik Biru assemblyman pointed out that the proposed bridge is a federal-funded project and as a state assemblyman, he had no authority over the project.

He was responding to allegations by the incumbent DAP MP, Mordi Bimol that he had deliberately delayed construction of the bridge.

“It is also beyond my purview as the project is outside of my Tasik Biru constituency. Kampung Selampit is under Opar state constituency. How is it possible that as an ordinary assemblyman then, that I have the authority over the project let alone to sabotage or delay its construction?

“This is utterly ridiculous. Let’s just say, even If I have the authority, why would I want to sabotage a project that is meant for the benefit of the people?” he asked.

Henry, who was appointed state Deputy Transport Minister in December last year, said if only Mordi had done his work on the ground he would not have to resort to finger-pointing.

“Why didn’t he even talk about other projects? Why only Selampit Bridge? It shows that he has not done much or just very negligible during his term as an MP for Mas Gading.

“What about other amenities including village roads, community halls? And where was Mordi when the people were crying for help during the COVID-19 pandemic,” he asked during a campaign trail for GPS candidate Lidang Disen at Kampung Stenggang, Bau-Lundu Road yesterday.

Henry said it was the GPS leaders, including himself that had rushed to the people’s rescue with food rations and other assistance to the people.

“I have even given assistance to the people in Opar, which is not even my constituency. Both Tasik Biru and Opar are under Mas Gading parliamentary seat. And Mordi was nowhere to be seen,” he lamented.

All these only pointed to one thing; that the incumbent had failed to deliver as an MP except to blame others for his folly, he added.

He advised the voters to learn from the bitter lesson during the past four years and to vote only for GPS candidate Lidang Disen.

“A vote for DAP would allow Mordi to further benefit from his monthly allowance. But what would the people get in return,” he questioned.

According to Henry, he was made to understand that Mordi did not even care about the project until the election was called, adding: “He didn’t even meet up with the villagers of Kampung Selampit to find out the progress of the project.”

He said the chieftain of Kampung Selampit when queried confirmed that Mordi was never even around to show he actually cared for the project.

Also the allocation for the proposed bridge was actually requested by the then MP Datuk Anthony Nogeh during the Barisan Nasional-led federal government while the present allocation was requested by the Public Works Department during the Perikatan Nasional-led government.

“The allocation was never requested during the PH-led federal government. So when did Mordi even help to get the project off the ground? I believe, that even if he had the allocation, I don’t think he is capable of managing it,” he said.

This proves that there was no effort by Mordi involving the Selampit Bridge, he added.

Mordi won the seat in a straight fight against the incumbent Nogeh with a 3,024 vote majority in the 2018 general election. He polled 12, 771 votes against Nogeh’s 9,747 votes.

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