Herd immunity by late July, early Aug in Pantai Damai constituency

Dr Abdul Rahman visiting the Kampung Telaga Air vaccination centre accompanied by medical officer Dr Nurdarlina Sahari. Photo: Ramidi Subari

KUCHING: Pantai Damai constituency is expected to achieve herd immunity by late July or early August if residents get vaccinated on time.

Its assemblyman Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi said almost 24,000 residents in his constituency have been identified as eligible to receive the vaccine.

He added that the vaccination process is being conducted in three health clinics at Kampung Santubong, Kampung Buntal and Kampung Telaga Air.

“These clinics have been converted into vaccination centres (PPVs) since June 15 to speed up the vaccination process here.

“As of now, we have a total of 1,080 residents who have received their first dose as each of the PPV here gave vaccines to 360 residents in a week,” he mentioned during his visit to the Telaga Air PPV yesterday (June 28).

Dr Abdul Rahman who is also the Assistant Minister of Utilities (Water Supply) explained that the vaccination process in the three PPVs have been going smoothly with the help of medical officers, clinic staff, Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK), and village volunteers.

“If herd immunity can be achieved, we can finally return to our normal life such as what is happening now in Brunei and some European countries,” he said.