Heritage centre expects surge in visitors

The front view of Bung Bratak.

KUCHING: Bung Bratak expects to see a surge in visitors in the coming days and weeks, said Bung Bratak Heritage Association (BBHA) chairman Datuk Peter Minos.

He said that in the past two weeks, more people had gone up to visit the Bung Bratak Heritage Centre in Bau.

“Apparently, many climb up to Bung Bratak, the mountain-top Bidayuh historical and cultural centre, to cleanse their lungs and hearts after months of Covid-19 the pain it brought,” he said.

“Some people said that mountain-climbing makes you sweat heavily but also improves the heart and lungs by breathing the fresh mountain air,” he added.

He said that visitors told him that in China now, millions of town and city folk climb up to the hills and mountains in rural villages to exercise and improve their heart and lungs.

“True enough, surrounded by nature all around, Bung Bratak is where you can get the best oxygen and fresh spring mountain water,” said Minos.

He said that Bung Bratak is not too far from Kuching and is only about 10km from Bau town on the way to Lundu.

Visitors, he said, could just park their vehicles at the Bung Bratak foothill and climb up slowly for half an hour.

“At the Bung Bratak Heritage Centre, visitors can relax and rest, enjoying the best mountain scenery in good weather. The centre is unique with two traditional longhouses and a baruk — a Bidayuh cultural roundhouse,” he said.

According to Minos, staff could arrange for visitors’ requests for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and accommodation by contacting supervisor Brenda at 019-8581515 or 019-8497664.