He’s more than just a colleague

Jimmy’s workstation.

Fellow journalists pay tribute to departed editor

Sardon (second left) hands over a cash donation to Jimmy’s wife Ivy N Arthur witnessed by Rudi (right) when they led a group of New Sarawak Tribune senior management staff members to pay their last respects to Jimmy where his body lies in repose at Kampung Segenam, Off Mile 29 Kuching-Serian Road.

As condolences trickle in for the late veteran local journalist Jimmy Adit, his colleagues in New Sarawak Tribune (ST) take a short break from work to pay tribute to their departed friend and co-worker. Jimmy passed away suddenly on Monday, apparently from a heart attack.

Read on and find out what they say:

“I have heard of his name as a journalist more than 20 years ago. However, I only got to know him personally since he joined New Sarawak Tribune. My first impression of him was that he was a very humble and down-to-earth person. I will remember him as a reliable, skillful, dedicated and professional editor. He was easily one of the best English editors in town. I’ll certainly miss his jokes and jovial character.” – Dr Jeniri Amir, chief executive officer

“Sarawak lost a gifted journalist. A senior editor, Jimmy Adit lived a life that was full of joy and happiness. Whenever I think of him, I remember how humorous, witty and clever he was. Most of my memories of him are tinged with traces of humour and laughter. It was so much fun to be with him. When I was talking to some of his friends and relatives yesterday, the thing that I heard more than anything else was how much fun he was to be with. While his kindness and humour made him a hugely popular figure in New Sarawak Tribune, he was a serious journalist, serious about writing stories the readers cared about.” – Sardon Zainal, chief operations officer (Administration)

“Rest in peace my big brother. We’ll certainly miss you. Your sudden demise is a big loss to us. You were my ‘sifu’. I learned a lot from you.”– Rudi Affendi Khalik, chief operations officer (Editorial)

“I still can’t accept or believe he’s gone. I was praying it was not true. I’m stunned; can’t accept the reality, and am still trying to understand and comprehend. He was an awesome friend and a very dedicated colleague. He was very reliable. He is irreplaceable! Oh Lord, why him? Our friendship goes back more than three decades. Not only will he be missed by his colleagues in ST, but also the Sarawak media fraternity. May he rest in peace.” – M Rajah, executive editor

“You were a great friend. I truly cherish our friendship that had come a long way. You were always cheerful and calm. There was never a dull moment with you around, especially with your infectious laugh. You’ll be missed dearly! Your untimely demise is a great loss to the media fraternity in Sarawak. Farewell my good friend and may your soul rest in eternal peace. My heartfelt condolence to all your family members and loved ones! They are in our thoughts and prayers.” – Aden Nagrace, news editor

“More than anything else, I will miss him dearly because we have known each other since 1967 when we were both students of SMK Serian. We have always been friends since then.” – Harry Henry Julin, chief sub-editor
“Jim was a truly dedicated and talented colleague as well as a good friend to everyone. He would never refuse to assist whenever and where ever possible. No task seems impossible to him. I’ll surely miss having him in the office.” – Dorge Rajah, online editor

“A compassionate and understanding boss. He liked to spend his days off in his garden in the jungle. Recently, he enjoyed bountiful harvests of buah mawang and brought gunny sacks of the jungle fruits to share with us in the office. He had also shared fried tempoyak with pork and kek lapis with me. He had a loud and infectious laugh which would lighten the sombre atmosphere in the office. I enjoyed his witty weekly political column in the Tribune. Rest in peace, Jimmy.” – Adeline Liong, sub-editor

“When I was sick in April and my anxiety was at its peak because I was afraid of the possibility of having Covid-19, Mr Jimmy assured me that I’ll come out of this okay. He even shared a picture on WhatsApp with me, wishing me well. That spoke volumes of what kind of person he was — kind and compassionate. He was also patient and understanding to work with. Not only that, he was also generous. Whenever I came to see him, he would offer me whatever titbits he had on his desk. He would light up the office with a laugh so hearty and contagious, you couldn’t help but smile or laugh along with him. Thank you for everything, Mr Jimmy. We will miss you dearly.” – Doreen Ling, sub-editor

“I knew him in 1986 when I was in SMK Serian and he was in Serian District Council. We reunited in 2006 in Borneo Post. He was always giving, never expecting repayment be it cash or kind. We called each other ‘unggal’ but at times I called him Eljim while he called me Elval for the simple reason that we were bonded by Elvis Presley, having performed Elvis on occasions. He will remain in my mind forever. Rest in peace Unggal Eljim.” – Valentine Tawie, sub-editor

“I remember vividly Jimmy inviting me for a cup of coffee at a nearby cafe on my first day of work with New Sarawak Tribune about three months ago. Just can’t believe he’s no longer with us. My deepest condolence to his family members. May his soul rest in peace.” – Henry Teo, sub-editor

“A dear friend and colleague who will always be remembered for his humble and unassuming personality. He’s always around to lend a helping hand and guidance to help make New Sarawak Tribune what it is today. He was always very close to me … a journalist who left behind many precious memories and which will never be forgotten. RIP.” – Juary Mesa, sports editor

“Jimmy was the most easy-going guy in the office, who would light up the office with his jokes and laughter, charismatic and very down-to-earth character. To me he was a mentor and taught me a lot of things and made me always strive to be better in my line of work. Deepest condolences to his family and may his soul be blessed and may he rest in peace.” – Mohammad Fakhry Asa’ad, LIT editor

“A kind, caring and friendly person.” – Gordon Kon, world editor
“My condolences to his family members. You were a real gentleman, one-of-a-kind type of person and truly a man of style, charisma and class. You will always be remembered sifu Jimmy. Rest in peace.” – Sufian Mohidin, sub-editor

“The late Jimmy Adit was an amazing editor, whose flair in writing is impeccable — one that all English writing reporters, myself included, aspires to emulate. He was a mentor to all young reporters; sets a very high bar to those around him and simply put ­— an all-round decent person. I will miss your weekly columns where you dissect local politics through your point of view and perspective; I will also miss his sharp and witty preamble on lead stories published by the paper and most of all, I will miss the sense of security, knowing that he would have my back if something is amiss in my news reports. Rest well, dear sir. – Nazmi Suhaimi, assistant news editor

“The office will surely miss your smiles and laugh, Mr Jimmy. Each time you arrive in the office, you will greet me with that warm smile. Thank you for the guidance you had given to all of us. May your soul rest in peace, Mr Jimmy.” – Natasha Jee, senior reporter

“I was shocked to learn about Jimmy’s passing. All of us in New Sarawak Tribune are still in shock. I will always remember him putting on his cowboy hat in the office with his cool vibe, smile and laughter that lighten up the room. We will miss you and may you rest in peace, sir Jimmy.” – Allan Jay, reporter

“I’ll always remember Mr Jimmy as a great mentor and one of the most cheerful and easygoing people I have ever met. The New Sarawak Tribune office will definitely not feel the same in his absence. We’re all still in shock and trying to come to terms with his sudden passing. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones during this difficult time. May his soul rest in peace.” – Tania Lam, reporter

“Jimmy was my favourite editor in New Sarawak Tribune. He’s the coolest, always cheerful and wears his cowboy hat around in the office. His presence was among the things I look forward to whenever I went to the office. All of us are still in shock over his passing.” – Nur Ashikin Louis, reporter

“A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for he or she is still alive in our hearts and minds, through us, they live on. Jimmy will not be forgotten. To me, he was like a father-figure, one of my favourite editors and my personal mentor. I will miss his laugh, will miss seeing him editing news while eating kuaci. He meant a lot to New Sarawak Tribune and to me personally. A person who always shared his vast experience and ideas. Jimmy was indeed a dedicated news writer. His physical presence is gone, but the lessons that he taught us in life will be forever kept in our minds and hearts.” – Nur Shazreena Ali, reporter

“The late Jimmy Adit was a master of his art. His flawless use of the English language to convey his thoughts onto papers was coveted by many who share his profession. An inspirational man, bigger than life and one whose presence brought joy and happiness to the lives of many who have had the pleasure of his company. He was a gifted writer, undeniably, whose work and writing style I admire. I will definitely miss his weekly columns. Although I’ve known him for a short while, I know he will be greatly missed by his fellow colleagues. May your soul rest in eternal peace, Mr Jimmy.” – Clement Erik Wong, reporter

“My deepest condolence to his family. A beautiful soul is never forgotten. May his soul rest in peace.” – Florence Genta, reporter

“Mr Jimmy, though we rarely had a real conversation I could not fail to notice that you are indeed a friendly person and a great writer. Every time I did my assignment, I would always remember your advice to avoid making mistake. Thank you, Mr Jimmy for your valuable guidance and advice. I’ll never forget watching you walking around the office with your loud and clear voice ringing in the air talking about pages, along with your laughs in the office with Mr Aden, Mr Harry and Mr Dorge. Rest well, Mr Jimmy.” – Aina Azizah Yeo, reporter

“You are one of my best mentors and a very good friend, since I first joined the industry many years ago. To me, Mr Jimmy, you are simply a good man and one who is very dedicated to your work. Your passing has me thinking about mentorship. You had taught me a lot about journalism. You had always been very creative, using the right and best words when writing your masterpieces.” – Margaret Ringgit, reporter

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